About Joseph

Joseph was born in Hawke’s Bay and grew up in the country.

Joseph left school without any qualifications and later went to university, obtaining an honours degree in Law. He graduated from university on the same day as his youngest sister, the first in their family to do so.

Living in Queenstown, Joseph became a senior trial lawyer and built his own law practice, appearing in courts throughout the South. 

In 2017 he was appointed by the Deputy Solicitor General to the Crown Prosecution Panel for the Invercargill Crown Solicitor. Joseph has also been appointed by the Court as a Youth Advocate.

Joseph was National's candidate for the Southland Electorate seat at the 2020 New Zealand General Election.

After a successful campaign, Joseph was elected to Parliament, winning the seat by a majority of 5,645.

Joseph is the National Party Spokesperson for the Space, Treaty Negotiations and Water portfolios. He is also the Associate Spokesperson for Agriculture and Tourism portfolios.

He is a member of the Māori Affairs Selection Committee and the Parliamentary Service Commission Artworks Committee.

Joseph has been an Army reservist and volunteer firefighter.

He has three children with his wife Silvia. In his spare time he likes to ski, mountain bike, and spend time with his family.