Joseph Mooney

I am proud to call Southland my home. The electorate of Southland is a regional economic powerhouse in farming, tourism, horticulture, forestry and construction and an increasing presence in information and space technology. I moved here after growing up in Hawke's Bay and my children attended local schools.

I am a Kiwi through and through and very proud of my country. One of my ancestors was a gold miner in Central Otago, my paternal grandfather played cricket for New Zealand.  He was a successful Wellington businessman and my maternal grandfather was a Captain in the New Zealand Army fighting in North Africa and Greece during the Second World War who suffered severe war injuries but who went on to establish a successful business in Auckland on his return.

I was motivated to offer to serve as your local Member of Parliament, because I have vividly experienced the impact of decisions made in this House as a child. Given the challenges facing our country, I hope to be a voice for pragmatism, of ambition for our nation.

I know from my life experience kids go hungry if their parents don’t have money. It is one of the key responsibilities of government to create a policy framework that empowers business owners and their employees.

I believe strongly in the success of our primary sector to ensure domestic food security, employment and export earnings. Tourism is also a hugely important part of our economy. We will need to do all we can to support the industry and its people.

You can find everything that makes the Southland a great region right here; it is a breathtaking and incredibly diverse region, with strong businesses and outstanding schools – but it is not without its challenges. 

Like the rest of New Zealand, it is facing the pinch from a Government that is breaking its promises to Kiwis, hiking the cost of living, and failing to deliver on the things that matter.

Southland needs an effective National Government. It is with a great deal of optimism and hope that I look toward the future of this great country, and this great Southland region that I am so fortunate to represent in Parliament.

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